A comfortable, bright apartment

Are you green with envy seeing the huge apartments in the heart of Stockholm? Here’s yet another portion of the Swedish beauties. This apartment’s surface is more than 780 square meters the enormous windows let in infinite amounts of natural light. The 20th century building has entered the new era impetuously.

Open space is a living room in a great style. It’s white from top to bottom, from the ceiling with a stylish chandelier to white floor boards that cannot be replaced by anything else. The fickle pink on the sofa and the bold armchair is enough to make it all more lively.

As you can see, the living room is conjoined with a kitchenette here. The old interiors certainly benefit from it. The bright colors are relentless all over the place. There is no rich furniture in the kitchen, so it looks cozy with its open shelves exposing all kinds of handy objects.

Here’s a great idea to use the natural guest - the light. The light table and modern chairs are located by the window. The refreshing beginning of the day in the sunlight.

A table located in such a way should be separated by a white wall. We can put some olives and seasonings on it.

This little space has a very light atmosphere. The white color is everywhere and looks good, too, on the wood as well as on brick surface. Raw and rough surfaces look great when contrasted with the forms which gain nobility in time. That’s why this wall matches the tenement house so well.

A bedroom shouldn’t be overwhelming. The large space is a good background for imaginative decorations. The comfortable bed is on the classical carpet. In winter we can warm up near the wonderful stove. We can also admire its unique beauty throughout the year. Can you ask for more?

We need a shelf or a stand even in the bedroom. The white color is the least disturbing for the space. The chest of drawers is simple, modest and narrow. It is placed where it doesn’t interfere with the open character of the room.

The home library lovers appreciate such places for their warm atmosphere. It’s apparent, though, that the rows of books take up much space. That is unthinkable in an ascetic interior. That is why the austere shelves are located in the white hallway.

Sometimes you need just a little. The old door, distinctive with its size and classical form, make the discreet white a good companion. How do we decorate such an interior? Classically as well. The discreet, clack frames help us to expose our favorite pictures or family photos. On the crossroads, before and after.