Living in Denmark

The unrestrained joy of conjoining powerful colors has not a single bit of kitsch or artificiality. That’s what we can say of the Danish interior designing style. I have selected a couple of pictures for you that will surely introduce their designing policy to you. It is to be, above all, comfortable and spacious. Spacious, so one has some space to rest and take a deep breath. No stuffing the room with expendable devices and the abundance of helpful ideas to help us throughout our lives.

The hallway with light, wooden tiles. The lively green is underlined by the leaf-like shape of the rugs. The shiny yellow shoe-cabinet is very narrow. It’s a great use of space and a guarantee of order among our stuff.

The most interesting thing in this living room, apart from the play of colors, is the sofa. It looks like a big birthday cake without one piece. Its neutral gray color is a good background for lively, colorful cushions. What is crucial, hues are not too importunate. The tone is calm and peaceful thanks to the natural floor, the gray walls and big spots of black. All goes along well with sunlight.

Who would be afraid of such a version of green. It is dark but very close to the natural, forest hue. Its juiciness and freshness are great for bedrooms as they are soothing for senses. What is important, such a green color goes along well with some white and black plus other color accessories.

The awesome cuckoo clock looks as if it was cut from a piece of paper. The white colors is in contrast with the wall. The greatest power and decoration is the play of strong colors. The three colors; is that Denmark?

There is not so much space for a dining room there. Which is wrong, as dining room is an important space - we eat and read the paper there. The spirit of comfort and asceticism was granted by a simple table and reserved, iron chairs. It is neat and joyful. The cheap materials are accompanied by lively, positive colors. The handy shelf is a real help when we cook dinner.

This kitchen is short of splendor, but it’s very functional and comfortable. The organization of space itself is very logical. The cooker is separated from the cupboards and the tabletop. The furniture is very bright and the joyful character - intensified by the lively green on the floor.

The narrow bedroom would become a cramped bedsit if we painted the walls dark. The white color has won and yet the black is present - we have a black carpet. The bed is fixed with some drawers. The barstool and the narrow tabletop have to take the role of a traditional desk. Lively colors care about our positive mood.