The essence of a modern apartment

Here’s the essence of a modern apartment. This impressive apartment most of us can only dream of is located on the highest floor of the Vegas skyscraper. The designer responsible for the project is Mark Tracy from Chemical Spaces - an award-winning innovator. The owner’s wish was to live in an extravagant, lively and bright place. Therefore, Tracy chose the three basic materials - mosaics, glass and stone. Blue, beige and white are the basic colors here, and the main role is played by neutral, natural light.

Can you feel the air of the night in the heart of Vegas? A subtle, chilling blue is generated by the modern glass lamp. The table lures with its soothing marble top.

The rugs and cushions evoke different coloristic accents. The rugs make the subdued interior more lively. The spacious living room is comfortable and friendly, mainly because of the vast windows.

The tiger rug decorates the disciplined space in a fickle way. It fits well beside such an luxurious sofa. It has many patterns, but no color is too oppressive here.

In the bedroom the owner expects a soothing chillness. The blue curtains are at the same time very light and almost transparent. They match the subdued beige very well. Shiny cushions are a must.

The light curtains replace doors very well. The apartment whose aim is to absorb the light shouldn’t have so many walls. Opening spaces is in accordance with the modern style.

The wallpaper with the quite comic pattern and a lot of blue glass make us feel a little bit like inside a fish tank. That’s why some accessories that break the dominant blue are required. But not too many of them. A juicy flower is enough.

Interesting combinations with the ceiling certainly make the space smaller. They are very modern, though. The glass and small pieces of crystal glittering alongside the calm white certainly add an important taste there.

The big windows are themselves an important element. As the view from them is. Especially after it gets dark. Urban beauty and civilization is what we like. The mild violet light underlines the remoteness of nature and civilization-produced tricks are what we like.

I like the combination on the walls. The matt, dark tiles are placed alongside a brave wallpaper. There must be a different zone right by it. Otherwise we would plunge into darkness. Joining the brown and blue is a masterpiece, you must admit that.