A senior-friendly bathroom

When you design something for the elderly, you must think about comfort. But logical thinking often excludes esthetics. People in Senior Life know how bad it is. Here are practical as well as beautiful bathroom solutions for people in their sunset of life. Modern devices are introduced in order to minimize the risk of slipping in bath and other accidents. Just explore the secret of those products.

You must have cursed at the high bathtub walls yourselves. You didn’t feel like raising your leg up to enter the bathtub. Here’s a comfortable bathtub for everyone. It has doors and allows us to enter it in a modern way. We don’t have to bend over backwards to take a bath. And when we want to go out - we don’t risk slipping at all. The rail fixed onto the wall is perfect help.

The shower panel here has a very comfortable shape. We can easily adjust the flow and the temperature.

The door is fixed on a rounded frame, so there’s no risk of getting cut on it. The misty color ensures intimacy.

Here’s the most comfortable way to adjust the drainage. Instead of reaching out for the plug, you just turn the switch and the water flows out. We can just slowly stand up, wipe our body dry and use the convenient door.