A hollow named apartment

One can, and unfortunately sometimes one has to live on 44 square meters. The inhabitants of tiny apartments can’t do anything about the lack of space. Whining is of no use, while a bit of magic could be useful. Only magic can expand such a limited space and make it meaningful. I present you The Closet House – a Portuguese design of a 44-square-meter apartment which won The Building of the Year award in 2010. Look what can be done when everything seems impossible.

The living room is conjoined with the kitchen. Only a tiny cubicle was left for it. A yellow plastic wall leads inside. The kitchen is bright, which makes it bigger – visually. Objects are generally hidden, as mess limits the space.

The bedroom is obviously light. There’s a closet hidden behind the bed and it has a mirror on the door. A battle for every inch wages.

The Closet House uses as much of modern technology as it can. Well, here it does pay off. No space for audio devices? The TV set is just a screen built in the wood on the walls. You can see only the loudspeakers. The rest of the hi-fi is built in.

This bedroom is a miracle. It’s touched with a creamy white. The windows aren’t smaller because of any blinds. The bed is on a cream-colored podium and it all looks so cozy. The lamp is hung on a wall and the TV is at the end of the bed.