Small bedrooms - big projects

If you're still at the stage of planning your little empire of relaxation, or simply - your bedroom, you just have to see what Artem Lazarev has to offer. I guess everyone dreams about having a spacious bedroom and an enormous wardrobe with the size of a small room. These dreams often remain just that - dreams. Most of us live in blocks of flats where space is a rare commodity. However, that doesn't mean that the plans to arrange our little kingdom are going to fail. All it takes is a well-structured design. The results are stunning.

Keywords: contemporary, bedroom, small bedroom

This room divides the space in an interesting manner. The wooden panel stretches across the ceiling and the wall and then turns into a small reading corner. Such a division of space makes the other part of the room free for other purposes. Thanks to the panels, the bedroom is cosier and more pleasant for the eye.

The green color makes the interior more fresh and energetic. Green accessories in cramped spaces are a bonus.

And an another idea for the same interior. The wall was well-used - there's additional space to store stuff.