Eclectic madness

If you're ever in San Francisco, drop by Jessica's place. She lives at Alamo Street and she seems to be quite happy with numerous guests. Her house is an eclectic kingdom and she herself is a queen of this tricky style. Jessica loves fashion, which is reflected in her popular, interesting blog. Her apartment is an excellent example of how a skillful eye can pick gems in second-hand shops and flea markets. And, more importantly, how a skillful hand can merge these findings to create controlled creative mess rather than utter chaos. Personally, I'm thrilled with the colors used in her place. They can chase December clouds away and cheer up even the most die-hard pessimists. Jessica's blog discusses unique items found at flea markets and old underskirts we can give to someone after we revive them. In terms of arranging interiors, she can blend poufs from Morocco with carpets from Ikea quite well. She knows the power of color and dosing it by means of using white surfaces. She is not afraid of putting a plasma TV set alongside an antique telephone. The metal coat hangers are substitutes for shelves and closets. The vases go well with field flowers. And the wardrobe is another story. Just look at it and see that there is sanity in this madness. What kind of sanity? Who knows. Jessica managed to uphold order in this ocean of colors and textures. I guess she found what she was looking for here.

I have no idea where she got this cupboard from. I know many people who would never go for this combination. And yet, it is clear to me that all is in place here. Colors on the wall, old lamp, old telephone and a state-of-the-art TV.