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A colorful two-room apartment in Barcelona (10 photos)

Spaniards have a soft spot for colors and they know how to use them. Almodovar is not quirky - it is just the Spanish way of using hues. Streets of Barcelona and Madrid are full of people who are dressed so boldly that other nations think them extravagant....


A two-room flat: 60 square meters and so much space (10 photos)

Marucio Karam, a Brazilian designing studio, is a treasury of knowledge on the tastes of an average inhabitant of these parts of the world. Small and comfortable, modern apartments that can be seen on the studio's website do not chase novelties. Startling...


An island near Washington DC (13 photos)

The tiny Lopez Island has great charm about it. The coast is swarming with houses such as this one, designed by the Graham Baba studio. The residence with historic looks reflects local color palette and this elegance is underlined by the use of stone and...


Radiant orchid - the color of the year (8 photos)

The Pantone corporation annually announces a color of the year. A color of the year is the color that, according to specialists, is about to get extremely popular in the next 12 months. If you bought an emerald accessory, dish or a piece of furniture...


A house made of juicy wood (8 photos)

Today we present you an inspiration from Hammerhavn in Denmark. This is a renovated building of customs office. But let me introduce the context first. Hammerhavn is a port town on the isle of Bornholm. It's located in the northern part of the island...