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Modernising From Designer

living room

Modernising (3 photos)

Modernising your property can only occur with new interior features which can transform a property's aesthetics. This is what I'll be trying to emmulate with my images.

living room

The Interior Design Edge (2 photos)

When renovating your property, it's important to find the right balance within your design capacity. Colours need to compliment each other along with the elegant pieces of furniture to complete the overall look. For more info on this design, see...

living room

29 square meters (9 photos)

Many designers are afraid of such tasks: how to go creative in a 29-square-meter space and make it liveable? This design won a big architecture festival in Polish Silesia last year. The apartment is located in a 19th century tenement house in Wrocław....


A house designed by Norwegians (14 photos)

Triple-D is a Norwegian architecture studio based in Oosterbeek. They design both modern interiors and entire buildings. Lately, they uploaded a visualization of a housing estate with blocks of flats and of an extraordinary house located in the middle of...


Eclectic madness (21 photos)

If you're ever in San Francisco, drop by Jessica's place. She lives at Alamo Street and she seems to be quite happy with numerous guests. Her house is an eclectic kingdom and she herself is a queen of this tricky style. Jessica loves fashion, which is...


15 ideas for a wardrobe of your dreams (13 photos)

Hello! Have you ever thought of a wardrobe of your dreams? I've just did. I found many interesting inspirations. I am also going to mention stuff that a wardrobe of my dreams should contain and what it should be like. Requirement 1 - mental. In my...


Arranging a small, cozy bedsit (8 photos)

Light and warmth. These two are often missing in the modern-day architecture. Comfortable, glossy and also "inhumane" plastic and glass accessories have lots of fans. Yet, there are just as many who want their home to be a cozy place where they can soothe...