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Classic Kitchen (12 photos)

Classic, dignified and elegant kitchens which do not pass along with the seasonal trend. They are a good choice for many years.

kids room

Children's Room (145 photos)

Arrangements projects and children's room decor. All ideas in the room for a child together in one collection.


Feng shui - color selection (3 photos)

Interior Colors should be clear. According to feng shui bright colors add us energy and improve mood. All sun shades as yellows, oranges, have hidden effects - stimulate appetite. If you have problems with overweight paint the walls blue. Its operation is...


Toilet according to the principles of Feng Shui (5 photos)

Toilet is like bathroom a kingdom of water. All decorations evocative of the sea, the ocean will be welcome here. Toilet has its practical application. To truly fulfill its function according to feng shui toilet bowl should not be its central point....


Modern Bathroom (94 photos)

Collection of photographs for interior trim and the bathroom in contemporary style.

living room

Modern Salon (49 photos)

Contemporary living room photo collection: includes arrangements and designs for living in a contemporary style.